Pet Connection

Pet Connection

This dog is smarter than me…then again that may not be saying much…but “Yoshi” is truly one of the smartest dogs… have to meet him…..He loves to learn !

Pet Connection 4-16-21

Meet Yoshi!(also know as Mr Smarty pants)…a Year old

This boy is truly a mixed breed! He is a little of everything – Staffie, Husky, Cattle dog, German Shepherd, Boxer and Lab! He has all of the DNA of the smartest of dog breeds… and that is exactly what Yoshi – he is probably the smartest dog we have ever had in the program.

Just look at him showing off on the balance disk! Anyone who trains dogs knows how this takes lots and lots of training – and Yoshi picked up on this while balancing also on a step!!! Unbelievable! Oh, and he also learned how to ring a bell when he needed to go outside!

This boy is a little over a year old (he was actually born in March 2020). Yoshi’s favorite toy is a tennis ball – which he will do just about anything for it. So, what is the best home for Yoshi? Well he definitely needs a fence – he LOVES to run and burn off energy. He also needs someone who will continue his training… this boy could be an AMAZING obedience dog (like blue ribbon amazing!). He is really a loyal guy and quickly bonds to that person who shows him the love and respect a smarty like this deserves. Yoshi is fine with other dogs – he sometimes plays a little hard… and the other dogs get annoyed. We think Yoshi would be best in a home without small children – he tends to get a little nervous with little ones. If you are looking for a relatively advanced dog who is SUPER smart and has energy to hike – this is the boy for you!

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