Pet Connection

Pet Connection

One things I’ve always loved about Pet Connection….it many times gives me the chance to help those that need it the most. Thank you to the Berkshire County Humaner society for giving me the opportunity to introduce everyone to “Champ”….he’s a Champion in my book !

Pet Connection 7-13-20 Champ is a sweet and energetic 7-year old lab/hound neutered male. This is the second time he’s been at the shelter. The first time he was a year old and his family was moving. The second time he was surrendered was because he was too much responsibility, probably due to his skin allergies. The cause of the allergies is not certain, lacking allergy testing by a veterinarian. He is on a limited ingredient diet to eliminate the chance of food allergies, but his allergies could be environmental.

Berkshire Humane Society is working closely with a veterinarian to alleviate Champ’s discomfort, giving him medicated baths every three days, prescription allergy medication, and antibiotics to take care of any infection. His allergies have improved since his arrival, but he still has a way to go and would love to go to a home where his owners can stay on top of his medical needs. He loves to go for long walks and play with his tennis ball and then likes to take naps on his fluffy dog bed with his favorite stuffed animals. He is a friendly boy who loves everyone he meets, even cats! A successful dog introduction would be needed before he went to a new home with dogs.

Berkshire Humane Society 413 447 7878

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