Good News Monday!

Good News Monday!

I want to try something new this week. To balance out the negativity you find on the news and social media, I want to share some good news stories either here locally or nationally, and I want to hear of the good things happening in your life too! Send me a message below with something that you’re excited for this week!

Albany High Wigs

From The Times Union: Every year, Albany High School students make wigs in their cosmetology course that are given out for free during Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Now that they have a brand new salon in the renovated high school, they’re hoping to get enough donations to run the wig program all year and expand to help children as well! 

Students gathered Wednesday morning to hand-make a wig for the mother of two high school students. They spent almost an hour creating the wig strand by strand using real hair to fit perfectly on the mother’s head. By the end she was smiling and posing for selfies with her team of student hairdressers.

EV Battery Advancement

From Good News Network: Regardless of how you feel about electric cars, this is huge! A breakthrough has happened in electric vehicle fast charging battery design at Penn State University that enables a 10-minute charge time for a typical EV battery. Penn State’s college-based startup EC Power says, “The smaller, faster-charging batteries will dramatically cut down battery cost and usage of critical raw materials such as cobalt, graphite and lithium, enabling mass adoption of affordable electric cars.” Two of the biggest criticisms of electric cars are the charging times and the use of limited raw minerals, so these are huge steps forward!

Veteran Suicides Drop Sharply

From Good News Network: There’s been a significant drop in the rates of suicides among active military members from early 2021 until now. The declines come as a result of increased attention to mental health issues among high ranking officers and the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. Across our military branches, the decline has ranged from 10-30%. For this, PBS reports, the services have been increasingly taking advantage of military chaplains, health and fitness coaches, and other support staff to support suicide prevention and mental health care programs. 

On top of that, the Pentagon is working on filling a new force of 2,000 mental healthcare workers and to help continue to get rid of the stigma that some feel asking for help. 

Rooftop CO2 Ventilators Convert Fumes into Fertilizer

From Good News Network: Scientists at Boston University created new technology that turned carbon dioxide pumped from building air vents into fertilizer to improve plant-growing conditions for rooftop plant-life. Not only does this reduce carbon dioxide emissions, but the spinach grown in the tests grew four-times larger than without the help. This could be a great way of growing and providing more fresh foods within cities. Rooftop farms and gardens are often suggested as ways to improve air quality, but conditions are challenging as plants are often smaller and less healthy because of solar radiation, wind, and drier soil.

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