Good News Monday – 11/14/22

Good News Monday – 11/14/22

Inflation Peaking?

USA Today – According to the latest data, it seems like inflation seems to be getting under control. One of the best indicators is how the stock market took the news on Thursday. The Dow had it’s largest one day gain since 2020, the S&P 500 jumped 5.5% and the NASDAQ went up 7.4% in one day. That also means interest rates won’t need to increase as much as they expected, and your 401K should be looking better!

Nation’s Largest No-Kill Rescue Shelter Opens

Good News Network – A new, no-kill animal shelter has opened in Alabama that can save, rehabilitate and adopt 5,000 dogs per year! This is the nation’s largest no-kill shelter and features a bunch of great programs, including one that unites veterans suffering with PTSD with service dogs and a senior dog center that pairs senior dogs with senior citizens looking for a friend.

First Patient Gets Potentially Cancer-Stopping Pill

Good News Network – A trial has begun on a potentially cancer-stopping pill that was effective in pre-clinical studies to fight reoccurring solid tumors from breast, prostate, brain, ovarian, cervical, skin and lung cancers! The first patient is doing well and the trial will continue over the next two years, but initial signs look very promising! They’re also looking for more patients for this trial.

Parking Lot Solar Farms

Postive.News – In France, Senators have passed legislation that require owners of large parking lots to install solar panels above parking spaces. They say this could generate up to 11 gigawatts of power, which is equivalent to a dozen nuclear reactors. Now even if you don’t like that same idea here (even though it would keep your car cool during the summer and shield your car from snow), if they can lower usage of traditional energy sources in Europe, that’ll translate to cheaper energy prices here!

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