Good News Monday – 11/21/22

Good News Monday – 11/21/22

Jeff Bezos gave Dolly Parton $100 million for charity

CNBC – Dolly Parton received $100 million from Jeff Bezos as part of his “Courage and Civility” award in recognition of what she’s done for charity over the years. The only stipulation is that the $100 million must be spent within the next ten years on charitable causes. Dolly is no stranger to charity; in 1988 she created the Dollywood Foundation to help children in Tennessee “achieve educational success.” In 1995, she launched the Imagination Library, which sends books to kids under five years old on a monthly basis. Jeff Bezos also announced he’ll be donating the majority of his net worth.

Rent prices have decreased for two straight months

Dwellsy – For the second month in a row, asking rent has decreased across the country. Last month, the average asking rent decreased by nearly 2 percent, and the month before was about 1 percent. The CEO of Dwellsy says that rent prices typically increase this time of year, so to see a decrease may be real indicator that prices will drop further.

NASA going back to the moon!

AccuWeather – The Artemis I mission launched this past Wednesday which is the first step in returning astronauts to the moon for the first time in 50 years! This mission is unmanned and will orbit the moon, then will return to Earth after nearly a month, which will be the longest flight for any spacecraft designed for humans. If all goes well, the first crewed mission will launch in 2024.

Rivers Donating more than 300 turkeys

NEWS10 – Staff from Rivers Casino & Resort are delivering more than 300 turkeys to local charities and community groups today (11/21). The turkeys will be used by those organizations for their Thanksgiving holiday dinners. They’ll also be donating over 100 dinners to the SEAT Center on Wednesday and to the Schenectady Police Department on Thanksgiving.

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