Good News Monday – 12/12/22

Good News Monday – 12/12/22

Here are some feel-good, positive news stories that you may have missed this week!

Home Depot Employees Return $700

A Nashville Home Depot employee was walking down an aisle when he noticed a small envelope stuffed with $700 in cash! Instead of keeping the money, he returned it to the manager so the owner could be found.

At the end of the day, nobody had claimed the money, so the manager went to Facebook to find the owner by leaving out a few key details so they could find the right owner. It turns out the owner was planning on using the money to buy Christmas gifts for his kids! He personally visited the store to thank everyone for their help.

First Solar Car Starts Production

The world’s first solar car called ‘Lightyear 0’ has started production! The sedan can get about 40 miles of free range per day from just the sun, plus you can still charge it using a regular home outlet. Of course those are pretty low numbers at the moment, but Chevy’s EV1 electric car from the 1990s could only go less than 100 miles on a single charge, so this technology could develop into the future of cars!

25-Year-Old Handwriting Letters To Strangers

Allison Bond, a 25-year-old woman with cerebral palsy has been handwriting letters to strangers for the past year. She began by writing to inmates and soldiers, and she keeps all of the letters that she gets back. It reminds you that simple acts, like handwriting a letter or complimenting someone can really make someone’s day.

Japanese Fans Clean Up At World Cup

At this year’s World Cup, people have been noticing that the Japanese fans have stuck around to clean the stadium after their team’s matches. It’s apparently down to “atarimae,” a Japanese custom to want to leave a place cleaner than they found it. I think that’s such a great example of a value we should teach our kids, as well as follow ourselves. Could you imagine if people cleaned up after themselves at a SPAC show?

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