Good News Monday – 12/19/22

Good News Monday – 12/19/22

Here are some feel-good, positive news stories that you may have missed this week! Click the red title of any story to read more information about them from their original source.

People Want Pre-Owned Gifts!

A poll of 2,000 people found 58% of them would be happy to receive a pre-owned item for the holidays, and 46% would be happy to give one. The people who feel there’s a stigma behind giving used gifts has now dropped to just 26%. A manager at Amazon says,  “Pre-owned doesn’t have to mean worn or outdated, often products have simply been unboxed but still work as good as new.”

The more accepted pre-owned gifts become, the more we can reuse what we already have and save perfectly fine stuff from going into landfills. Plus when you buy used, that money typically goes to charities, local businesses (thrift shops) or people like you and me, who can then spend that extra cash on essentials or more things for our families.

Small Village Wins Massive Jackpot!

Residents of a village in Belgium are splitting a $150 million dollar jackpot, which will give each resident roughly $900,000 after taxes. This is the first time a group this large has won this much in Belgium. One of the residents plans on using the money to fulfill a lifelong dream to travel to the United States for a few months and hike the Grand Canyon. Another resident plans to split it among their children and grandchildren!

TikTok Transforms Tiny Taco Restaurant

A couple of sisters in Illinois opened a taco restaurant called Taco-Bout-Joy’s and at first business was tough. One of their daughters posted a TikTok showing her mom watching the front door, hoping people would come in as the restaurant remained empty. She captioned the video ‘I wish I could give her customers for Christmas’.

Thankfully her wish came true, as the next day the video took off, and they had so many customers that the sisters had to hire more people to fulfill the orders! Since then, the restaurant has been named one of “Chicago’s Best Mexican Restaurants”!

“Twitter Isn’t A Real Place”

Do you feel stressed out going onto Twitter and seeing some of the crazy beliefs that people have, or how angry/upset people get over everything? Take a deep breath, because Twitter is certainly not a representation of our society as a whole!

According to a poll by Pew Research Center, less than 1 out of 4 Americans even use Twitter, with those numbers roughly equal to those who use Snapchat & WhatsApp. Only the top 10% of active users (roughly 2% of Americans) create 138 tweets a month, while the median user in the bottom 90% tweets an average of twice per month.

So all that screaming/complaining/nonsense you see on Twitter really makes up 2% of the United States population. Once again, if you’re stressed out about what you’re seeing on Twitter, just remember that doesn’t represent real life.