Good News Monday – 1/16/23

Good News Monday – 1/16/23

Historic Snowfall in California May Reverse Drought

California’s snowfall in the mountains is almost double the seasonal average, giving hope it could reverse the last three years of drought. Heavy storms have deposited floodwaters around the north of the state, and more storms are possible to refill reservoirs. “It could be a drought-buster of a year if things continue on a wet track,” says a regional climatologist. Many people get worried about the future of our planet, and it’s great to continue to be aware and help out where we can, but sometimes Mother Nature takes care of things on her own!

Australia’s Plastic Waste On Beaches Cut By Nearly One-Third In A Decade

A recent survey found that plastic on Australian beaches has fallen by 29% since 2013 due to effective local waste control strategies, including educational programs, recycling guides, and measures to prevent illegal dumping. Researchers credit the success to the collective efforts of Australians working together to help out their coastlines.

Brothers Raise $80k On Row Across Atlantic

Four brothers from England are set to set a world record as the first rowing team made entirely of brothers to cross the whole of the Atlantic. They named their team ‘The FriendShip’ and have raised more than $80,000 for charities since setting off on their epic endurance challenge nearly a month ago. They are raising money for those struggling with housing issues, helping children in foster and residential care, and the Kiwoko Hospital in Uganda.

Viral TikTok Allows Another Person To Retire

Rory McCarty, an exterminator, helped raise $108,000 in a few days to help an 82-year-old Navy veteran and widower retire from his job at Walmart. McCarty noticed the man still “grinding” out 8-9 hour shifts at the store and decided to use his TikTok following of 300,000 to raise the funds. Warren Marion was able to finally retire and was greeted with cheers, balloons, and a large check. This isn’t the first time a viral TikTok has allowed someone in need to retire!

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