Good News: Grass Buildings, Kite Cargo Ships & More!

Good News: Grass Buildings, Kite Cargo Ships & More!

Pete Kelly

Here are some positive news stories you may have missed last week!

Could Grass Replace Wood For Buildings?

Startup company Plantd produces wood panels for construction using fast-growing grass instead of trees. This results in lighter, faster-to-produce panels that are as strong as wood, while also reducing cost and increasing sustainability. The grass used can absorb CO2 and is harvested three times a year, making it a more environmentally friendly alternative to tree-based wood, which is harvested only once every 20 years. The goal of Plantd is to create a more affordable and eco-friendly solution for building houses.

Man Crosses Four Lanes Of Traffic To Save Woman’s Life

A man in Massachusetts saved a woman’s life by stopping her car on the highway after she lost consciousness while driving. Adolfo Molina bravely crossed four lanes of traffic to reach her car and, with the help of another driver, was able to stop the car before it caused any harm. He was later honored for his bravery.

Giant Kite Reduces Cargo Ship Emissions

AirSeas has developed a “Seawing”, a giant kite-like device that can be attached to the front of cargo ships to reduce diesel fuel consumption by providing 20% of the ship’s propulsion. It was tested on a French container ship and successfully saved fuel and reduced emissions. The Seawing offers an innovative solution for the shipping industry that’s so simple but so effective!

MrBeast Helps 1,000 People See Again

YouTube star MrBeast and sponsored cataract surgeries for 1,000 people, helping them regain their eyesight. He found patients from free clinics and homeless shelters, and provided surgeries for people all around the world. Some patients were also gifted with thousands of dollars, a Tesla, and college tuition. The mission touched the lives of many and allowed 1,000 people to see again.

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