Donating Powerball to Charity, Reusing Old Batteries & More!

Donating Powerball to Charity, Reusing Old Batteries & More!

Pete Kelly

From “Right To Repair” gaining traction in the US to a new screen tech, here are some great news stories you may have missed this week.

Man Donates Entire Jackpot To Charity (Insider)

An anonymous man from South Carolina has donated his $150,000 Powerball jackpot to charity, stating that he “hit enough to make someone happy.” As a result of his charitable donation, he won’t have to pay taxes on his winnings.

New Screen Tech Could Be 1/3 Cheaper & Use Less Power (Techquickie)

NanoLED technology is poised to reduce the cost of TVs and screens. This simpler technology requires fewer materials and is easier to produce than current models, resulting in significantly lower costs. In a few years, new TVs may cost only a third of their current price. The technology also allows screens to be brighter while consuming less power. Not only will this tech be great for TVs, but the lower power consumption will help phones and tablets have a longer battery life!

Old EV Batteries Get New Life (Good News Network)

As electric cars age, the question of what to do with their old batteries becomes crucial. However, a California start-up has tackled this issue by converting 1,300 used EV battery packs into an energy storage facility that stores excess renewable energy. By selling stored energy to the California grid, the company made $1m last year. Not only does that save the batteries from landfills, but it’s quite profitable too! The company plans to expand to Texas and California.

“Right To Repair” Movement Gaining Momentum (Good News Network)

Over 20 US states are proposing laws that would require manufacturers to provide parts and instructions for consumer repairs. Colorado passed a bill for farmers to repair their tractors, and similar legislation has passed or been introduced in other states, including Vermont. The American Farm Bureau Federation and John Deere signed an agreement to ensure farmers’ right to repair. New York signed the Digital Fair Repair Act, requiring manufacturers to make parts and instructions available to repair devices like smartphones and tablets.

Apartment Rents Continue to Decrease (Dwellsy)

According to Dwellsy, a rental listing site, the median asking rent for apartments dropped again in January. The decrease in rent may be due to an increase in supply as newly built rentals enter the market. One-bedroom apartment rents decreased by 1.1% from December to January. Overall, one-bedroom apartment rents have dropped to nearly the same level as a year ago, with an average of $1,295 in January 2023. That’s compared to the peak of $1,325 in August.

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