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Pete Kelly

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Follow me if you want to see photos of my dog Lily, my frustrations with the New York Jets, events I’m doing in the Capital Region and whatever else!

I’m on Instagram the most — especially stories. Otherwise I’m seeing what’s trending on Twitter, addicted to TikTok’s #fyp and occasionally making my way to the Facebook dumpster fire.

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Singer/Band – Tame Impala, Justin Timberlake, Beck, Calvin Harris, Busta Rhymes, Twenty One Pilots, Foster The People, MGMT, Joywave and anything Timbaland produces

Movie – Anchorman, The Truman Show, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and pretty much anything that has Will Ferrell in it.

Actor/Actress – Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Lawrence, Will Ferrell, Steve Carell

Book – The Hunger Games (series)

Sport – Formula 1 or NFL. I’m a huge Jets fan, and sometimes I wonder why I still am!

TV – The Office, Big Brother, How I Met Your Mother, Flaked, Seinfeld, Parks and Recreation, 24, Arrested Development

Holiday – Thanksgiving! Super underrated and needs to be celebrated multiple times a year.

Food – Cheese Curds, Corned Beef & Cabbage or Chicken Parm

Restaurant – Philly’s in Latham, Druthers for their Mac & Cheese, Peddlers in Clifton Park for their patio & Al Bruno!

Shopping – I love getting good deals, so I’m always checking out yard sales, Goodwill & The Salvation Army!

Pets – I’m a huge dog guy and I have a 6 year old corgi named Lily! She’s in my photo above. I actually found her by mentioning on-air that I was looking for a dog and the rest is history!

Cereal – I know it’s weird but I like cereal as dessert. Give me a bowl of Cheerios, Special K or Cinnamon Toast Crunch while I’m watching TV and I’m good to go.

Smell – Fresh rain, exhaust at the track and food when I’m starving.

Lunch Meat – Low-sodium turkey so I can pretend I’m eating healthy, or pastrami

Bungee Jump? – I don’t know how many beers it’d take to make me agree to that, but it’s possible.

Pet Peeves – When people don’t use their blinkers, pass you on the right, cut you off and/or don’t look before they turn… even though I probably do half those things.

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